Smart factory system
Otomatik Üretim Takibi

Real-time production tracking

Our IoT cards automatically track your production as integrated into any machine and equipment. Parameters like product information, solid and waste production quantities are reported instantaneously.

Otomatik Verimlilik Takibi

Automatic efficiency tracking

The productivity of each machine, equipment, line and personnel is measured and reported in real time. You will be provided with detailed information about the factors that affect your production efficiency, so that you can take precautions.

Fire & Kalite Takibi

Maintenance and Downtime Tracking

Periodic maintenance of your machines is automatically monitored and prevented by predictive maintenance models. Faults and stops are also reported on cause, duration and machine basis.

Otomatik OEE Raporlama

Automatic OEE Reporting

The system automatically generates OEE and many more reports. The collected information is easily displayed from anywhere in the world 24/7 via our Web and Mobile reporting systems.

Say goodbye to conventional automation and production tracking solutions!

Switch to real-time and fully automatic production tracking with VOLSOFT Smart Factory System.

Ödüllü Akıllı Fabrika Sistemi

Award-winning Technology

VOLSOFT Smart Factory Solutions is supported by Turkey Technology Team, T3GM and a variety of reputable institutions.

Smart factory partners

Developed for Today’s and Tomorrow’s Needs

VOLSOFT Smart Factory System offers all-in-one solutions to factories that want to increase production efficiency by taking the first step into Industry 4.0.

Üretimden Veri Toplama

Collects real-time production data.

Automatically collects data from all kinds of machines and production lines independently of the people.

Sensörle Üretim Takibi

Receives data from all types of devices (IoT)

Receives data from sensor, relay, PLC, dry contact, mechanical movement, OPC and CNC.

Üretim Takip Sistemi

Gets all the necessary information

Cycle times, production quantities, planned and unplanned stops, maintenance …

Kablosuz Üretim Takibi

Transfers data via wired or wireless connection

Provides wireless (WI-FI) or wired (RJ45) communication according to the structure of your factory.

İnsansız Üretim Takibi

Makes production tracking automatic

Reports how much faulty production you have made from which product.

Verimlilik Takibi

Automatically measures effectiveness

Measures and reports your efficiency from the smallest machine to the whole plant.

Plansız Duruş Takibi

Measures planned & unplanned stops

Planned / unplanned stops are perceived and reported in terms of cause, duration and quantity.

Kestirimci Bakım

Performs periodic maintenance tracking

Tracks the maintenance cycles of your machines and warns you before it’s too late.

IoT Offline Çalışma

Works both online and offline

Sends data instantly. If the connection drops, still works for up to 300 days.

IoT Veri Toplama Ekranı

Gets information with built-in touch screen

Shows the information about the product produced, and allows the operator to enter data.

Üretim Takip Sistemi

Makes identification by scaning barcode

With built-in barcode reader, work orders and staff can be tracked.

Üretim Ortam İzleme

Measures & warns about environment values

Measures ambient values such as temperature, humidity and dust and warns you.

IoT Offline Çalışma

Integrates into your ERP system

Collects production information and automatically transfers it to your ERP system. (SAP, IFS …)

Mobil Üretim Takibi

Provides 24/7 monitoring with mobile application

Wherever you are in the world, you can monitor your factory 24/7.

Bulut Tabanlı Üretim Sistemi

Works locally & works in the cloud

You can choose between local server and cloud (Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS etc.)

Üretim Raporlama

Offers all reports together

It provides all reports on production, including OEE, in one application.

Works as Integrated with Business Software & Maintains Your Existing Investment

VOLSOFT Smart Factory System is 100% integrated with the business software you already use such as ERP, MRP and CRM. The production data collected by the system is automatically transferred to the third party software. Operations such as product counting, barcode reading and manual data entry on the system are eliminated altogether.

Smart factory ERP
Kısa Amorti Süresi

Short Amortization Time

Your investment will pay off between 3-7 months.

Üretim Verimlilik Artışı

Rapid Productivity Growth

Your production efficiency increases up to 30%.

Üretim Kalite Artışı

Fast Quality Improvement

Your waste rate will decrease and your product quality will increase.

Üretim Maliyetiniz Azalır

Decrease in Costs

Your needs and costs are reduced.

Yerli Teknoloji

World-wide service

Wherever you are in the world, we come and install.

Akıllı Üretim Hibe

Grant reaching 100%

The project is supported by many support associations.

Ödüllü Üretim Teknolojisi

Proven Success

The risks are reduced with a proven system of success.

Akıllı Fabrika Destek

Uninterrupted Support

Our team is expecting future requests from you.

Example Applications



What is VOLSOFT Smart Factory System?
VOLSOFT Smart Factory System is a system that monitors production processes independently from people using IoT and software technologies. The system meets all needs including data collection, processing, interpretation, transmission, storage, warning, reporting and transfer to other systems via IoT cards.

Unlike conventional production tracking solutions; product quantities, cycle times, planned / unplanned downtimes, failures, maintenance, product and order information are collected in real time during production.

The production efficiency and competitiveness of factories using VOLSOFT Smart Factory System are increased.

How It Works?
Automatic data collection
Data collection is the most important process in the system and it works as follows: In your factory, the machines, lines and equipments that production is realized are analyzed and data collection points are determined. Then the special IoT cards are inserted at this point and the signal coming from the machine is transmitted to the card. If the machine can not give a signal, The problem is solved by attaching sensors. As a result, the actual production on the machine is collected in real time and automatically.

Touch panel
The automatically collected production data is displayed on the 7 inch touch screen which is installed on the machine. This screen also allows the operator to interact with the system at the same time. Information such as stop reasons, waste quantities, repair / recovery and material requirements are entered into the system by the operator using this screen. At the same time the screen is used to show the drawings, precautions, warnings and technical information of the produced product.

Barcode reader
The system comes with industrial barcode reader. This barcode reader is used for many purposes such as job order entry, retrieval of product information and operator detection.

The collected production data is delivered instantly via the wireless or wired network to the service in the server. The service saves the data transmitted by the devices, saves them in the database and deletes them from the device. The MQTT protocol is used for communication. In addition, the service / database can run on the local server or cloud.

The system allows you to view collected production data via our web and mobile applications 24/7. All reports, including the OEE report, which are accepted as industry standard are available in the system. It enables you to easily identify and interfere with the details that affect your production efficiency.

Warning System
The system has an internal warning system. This alerts the system to the scenario you set and alerts you via SMS and E-mail when it happens. As an example; when the performance of one or more machines is low, when the error rate is high, when the downtimes are getting higher, etc.

ERP integration
The production data collected is transferred automatically to ERP that you use. There is no need to enter production data into the system.

Are the purchasing costs high?

It is not. The system is priced according to the number of machines and it is the cost that every company from the SME level to the largest factory can easily have it. On the other hand, the cost of purchasing the system is insignificant when considering the contributions of the system to the factory and the resources it has recycled.

What are the benefits?

Automatic Performance, Efficiency & Error Tracking

  • You can see the status of each machine in real time. (Stopping, running, error, maintenance, etc.)
  • You can see each machine’s production numbers, performance ratios, total stopping times, order / model / variant / body and operator information on minute, hour, shift, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.
  • You will be able to interfere quickly by seeing the low-performance and over-error machines running on the system.
  • You can see through the system which operator is working with low performance and error.
  • You will be able to see through the system which shifts and hours are performing poorly.
  • Employees will be able to see their own performance and the performance of other employees thanks to the large screens that will be placed in specific areas. On this account, employees will try to work more efficiently.
  • You will be able to make quick and accurate decisions about the staff who work diligently routinely.
  • By avoiding slowdowns and errors caused by employees, the total production efficiency will increase by 25-35%.
  • Product quality will increase considerably as the efficiency and error problems on the machines will be detected before growing.
  • You will be able to intervene in the right machine at the right time and your spare parts cost will decrease.

Order, Planning and Production

  • The right planning and terminology is especially important for companies that make order-specific production. The system will allow you to make the right decisions at the right time, allowing you to see instant and total production of each order without delay.
  • Starting from the first stage, each production department will automatically follow the productions (order, model, variant and size) automatically. In this way, you will be able to intervene in excess production, delays and similar disadvantages.
  • The units and equipment that you use to process or read the products from the machines for the automatic numbering of system numbers will be wasted.
  • For the system will count the individual productions electronically, 100% correctness will be provided. On this count, we will avoid the last minute crises due to false counting or weighing.
  • You will be able to avoid stacking in other parts as the production numbers will be monitored instantaneously and accurately. In this way, you can increase your profitability by using your production line in the most efficient way.
  • You will have better chances of planning when you work with instant and accurate data. At this point, the necessity of giving a job to a outsource firm will decrease and your product quality and profitability will increase.
  • You will be more preferred by the customers than the other competitors because you will be able to produce quality products and deliver on time.
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