ERP-Enterprise Resource planning allows you to manage all your business processes between departments. You know there are different types of ERP solutions on the market. There are different ways ERP can be installed for your organization, some of which are WEB-based, server-based, cloud-based ERP, SAAS ERP solutions etc.

In this article we have compiled 7 advantages of using WEB based ERP for you

1. Anywhere access:

The main benefits of using WEB-based ERP software can be use from anywhere in the world or from any corner with the help of an Internet connection.


2. Faster communication:

Because Web-based ERP software can be accessed from anywhere, it provides faster communication between departments.


3. Useful for admins:

Managers normally travel continuously for customer meetings and other visits. Web-based ERP software provides the best results for administrators because it is easy to exchange data and allows quick decision making.


4. Customer and Supplier Management:

With Web-based ERP software, order demand can be easily transmitted and managed. Similarly, a helpdesk or support ticket can be created in emergency situations for better customer management.


5. Correct control:

Web-based ERP software activities can be effectively managed in real time.


6. No special hardware:

Another great advantage of using WEB-based ERP software is that there is no need to install the software on every machine, so no special hardware is required to manage ERP systems.


BC No installation:

The user can start using the system from any computer with the help of the Internet connection, as everything is on the web with several login IDs. A traditional or server-based ERP system that needs to be installed on every user machine is not in question.