Production Tracking System

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What is a production tracking system?

Production principals need to collect, analyse and ultimately make decisions in the light of this data in order to increase the efficiency of the plant. However, it is not possible to get instant access to the right production data in many facilities. Because at this point the human factor is engaged and a fault-based, delayed data gathering process is experienced. This makes it even risky to measure production efficiency and to keep orders from catching up to delivery times.

The production tracking system is the systems that automatically collect data that occurs during production stages from sources such as machinery/equipment, allow manual data entry when necessary, visually understand the data it collects and make decisions for you. ThingsOn Production Tracking system is an invaluable system for both production managers and factory operators with these features.

ThingsOn Production Tracking System

Veri Toplama (PLC, IoT)

It collects data from all types of PLC with industrial communication. It uses ıot technology in equipment that does not possess this capability.

Görselleştirme & Raporlar

It makes sense of all kinds of valuable data on production, allowing you to see it in real time with mobile and Web applications.

Alarmlar & Analizler

It follows 7/24 and warns you of issues such as productivity issues, unplanned potions, quality issues, maintenance requirements.

ERP Entegrasyonu & API

It provides integration between the OT and it layers by automating the data collected from the production site into ERP systems.

Benefits and Advantages

Using a system that provides real-time data, such as the ThingsOn production tracking system, allows decision makers to be able to intervene precisely in time in production. For example, it is easily determined whether the orders will be completed on delivery date. 

The possibility of detecting a low-efficiency machine or staff without delay and eliminating the factors that cause this will ensure that the business is able to use its resources in the most efficient way. The ability to take such critical measures increases the importance of the real-time production tracking system.

It is no secret that the processes related to manual data collection are difficult and inconsistent. This is the beginning of the issues that the people responsible for production are most complaining about. As a solution, it is usually shown by the personnel to enter a system of production quantities or to scan a barcode. So, is the problem solved? Has the human addiction been eliminated? I'm afraid not!

The actual solution is to deactivate the human factor as much as possible in the collection of production data. VOLSOFT Intelligent Production Tracking system collects automatic data from machines without any human intervention and allows you to see this data in the most appropriate format. In this way, instant production tracking is achieved by 100% accuracy.

 Given the personnel employed to collect manual production data and the equipment needed, the resources they allocate for this job are not as small. In addition, reliable data cannot be obtained at 100% accuracy in response to all such trouble and cost. On the other hand, damages caused by inaccurate or incomplete data may result in irreversible consequences.

Smart production tracking system wastes all personnel and equipment you take for this job. Because the system automatically collects production data, the personnel and equipment costs are eliminated completely.