Smart Production

Smart manufacturing and Smart Factory is a broad manufacturing concept that is designed to optimise the manufacturing process. Intelligent manufacturing is the process of using computer controls, modelling, big data and other automation to improve manufacturing efficiency. Smart production aims to leverage advanced knowledge and manufacturing technologies to provide flexibility in physical processes to address a dynamic and global market. Smart production envisions the next industrial revolution or industry 4.0.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NıST) is a fully integrated and collaborative production system that responds to intelligent production in a factory, supply network and in real time to meet changing demands and conditions in customer needs. Describes.

Smart Production samples

VOLSOFT "Smart factory" solutions provide automated production tracking and real-time traceability, the first step to switching to intelligent production at manufacturing plants. In this way, each parameter in production can be monitored to eliminate factors that negatively affect the efficiency.

Smart Production Tracking Video