With the widespread concept of smart home, many companies have been competing in this area to get their share of the pie. Recently, you have seen such advertisements in various places, from television to other media broadcasts. So, what's going on? What makes this industry so appealing?

We are experiencing the peak of construction sector, naturally this sector constitutes its own side sectors. Smart home and building automation can be considered one of these side sectors. On the other hand, those who want to have an apartment have accelerated the demand cycle of supply to begin to have good bad awareness about it. As a result, companies that build houses and buildings have an intense interest in smart home systems due to their benefits, such as "selling smart homes" and finding customers and being advantageous in the bargain. In such an environment, it is more understandable that various firms operate in this area.

How smart can your house be?

This totally depends on what you understand from your smart home. If it's enough for you to remotely control some of the devices in your home, such as lights, TV and sockets, your home is smart. But don't you think there's something missing here? Isn't the phrase "smart" a little too much for a system that responds to your commands? Shouldn't it be taking certain decisions for you to call a system smart? Or shouldn't a team be fulfilling tasks without your intervention? Yes we think we should and we design our systems to meet these requirements.

What about security?

We have a question for you; Would you like to remotely control some of the devices in your home, or would you like to detect a gas leak that could happen while you were asleep and cut the gas? Most likely, the second chic is smarter. Actually, shouldn't he do both, or even more? Isn't it a smarter home now?

Cost & material Quality positions

Unfortunately, in the short term, various cases are constantly occurring, suggesting that the total abdominal profit is more important than human life. In the countries where these cases are experiencing (we don't! In some countries, you understand) the price is generally considered the first criterion and the quality of the material, whether the system is stable and how it will work in the long term can remain in the third line. If such a choice works correctly, it can prevent a system that can save your life, unfortunately. It has been experienced many times that such investments are not profitable in the long term.

How to choose? What should be considered?

Although there are separate answers for those who wish to own the apartment and sell the apartment, it can generally be summarized as follows;

  • It is much more important to make sure you have a safe house before the "Smart House". For this reason, it should be ensured that the system to be purchased provides the necessary security criteria.
  • Easy installation and use will be beneficial for both the company and the future owner of the apartment to sell the flat.
  • It is important for the system to be in a modular structure and to be easily supplied materials in case of failure.
  • It is important that the materials and devices used in the system are of certain quality and have test certificates provided by the manufacturer.
  • The system should work stable and performant, including electronic circuits and software products.
  • The price/performance ratio in total with long term consideration should be calculated well when making the cost calculation.
  • Caution should be exercising when working with such companies because it will be imperative for the company selling or establishing the system to only force it to use its own products.


So, is VOLSOFT smart home system different?

Yes the VOLSOFT smart home system is different. The system consists entirely of industrial quality devices. The industry complies with the 4.0 standards and is based on the IOT (Internet of objects).  The devices used in the system are the same as the world giant brands used in production facilities. In this way, the system operates more stable and error-free compared to other systems after commissioning. All software infrastructure in the system is written by VOLSOFT engineers. Thus, boutique solutions are produced in every project according to needs.


You may have thought that such a system would be more costly than other systems, in fact the situation is completely different. VOLSOFT Smart Home System is offered at a more affordable price than other systems, despite the benefits and material quality it provides.