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Smart Factory Solutions

Powerful solutions made with native engineering for digital transformation.

All systems required for transition to smart factory

VOLSOFT Smart Factory Solutions will accelerate your transition to industry 4.0.

kablosuz veri toplama

Automatic data Acquisition automation (IoT)

Solutions that automatically collect production parameters when production takes place.

üretim verimlilik takibi

Terminal data collection Automation (Tablet, PC)

Touch Terminal etc. Data collection, process management, business monitoring and monitoring solutions with devices.

Ekipman Verimliliği Takibi

Automatic equipment Efficiency monitoring (OEE)

Productivity monitoring solutions that show your production efficiency in real time and take precautions.

periyodik bakım takibi

Periodic & Predictive Maintenance monitoring

Maintenance monitoring solutions that monitor your machinery and equipment maintenance cycles and warn you before it's too late.

görüntü işleme

Image processing

Image processing solutions that track your production line in real time and identify problems.

RFID çözümleri

RBARREL Automation (Radio Frequency Identification)

Advanced RVD solutions that follow your equipment and stocks independently of the human.

bulut bilişim çözümleri

Cloud Computing

Skilled and sophisticated cloud solutions that carry the power of cloud computing to your factory.

üretim raporlama çözümleri

Mobile & Web Reporting (Analytics & Reporting)

Mobile-assisted report solutions that allow you to see 7/24 of all the reports and analyses needed to manage your business.

What is a smart factory?

The Smart Factory is a manufacturing plant that uses software, modelling, Internet of objects, big data and other automation to optimise the manufacturing process.

The Smart factory leverages advanced computing and manufacturing technologies to address a dynamic and global market, provide flexibility in physical processes, and improve production efficiency.

Smart Factory (smart production) is predicted to be the next industrial revolution or industry 4.0. As in many areas in recent years, the emergence of smart factory and Industry 4.0 is closely related to technological advancement.

Why Choose VOLSOFT Smart Factory solutions?

Native & Independent Technology

VOLSOFT Smart Factory solutions are developed in Turkey with native engineering. There is no dependence on any third-party system or foreign-origin company within our solutions.

Akıllı Fabrika

VOLSOFT's team specializes in Iot, Iıot, M2M, cloud and software technologies. Our team is developing these technologies, manufacturing, aviation, energy etc. has signed many successful projects for domestic and overseas sectors.

All-in-one solutions for the Smart Factory

Our solutions will cover all your requirements from end to end. We offer all phases in one platform, including data acquisition, understanding, processing, communication, storage, logic execution, reporting and integration.

Extremely short ROUTE (Amorti) duration

Our solutions have been developed to quickly restore the cost of investment. From the moment it is commissioned in your factory, it contributes greatly to the increase in production efficiency and product quality, which restores the investment cost between average 3-7 months.

Up to 100% grant opportunities

Our projects are supported by institutions such as TÜBITAK, development agencies and KOSGEB. Our solutions comply with the legislation and standards established by these institutions. Your factory's digital transformation provides the support you need to receive grants/assistance.

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