What is data collection from production?

The software systems you use, including Enterprise resource Planning (ERP) and production execution Systems (MES), are based on production data collected from the production area to carry out your business. In most cases, this data is collected manually and entered into the system by a human.

Three common problems with hand-collected data are perfection, error, and delay. Given that raw data collected from production is the basis for all subsequent production reports and important decisions are based on these reports, any problems with the initial data collection will have a negative impact on your business. Start the effect.

Data collection from production is a requirement that is extremely important for factories and does not accept errors. For this reason, automating the process of collecting data from production provides great benefits to businesses that make them error-free.

Success Story

The cosmetic giant Eyüp Sabri Tuncer completed the transition process to the smart factory with the data acquisition system from VOLSOFT production facility in Ankara. Details.

VOLSOFT Automatic Data Acquisition solution

VOLSOFT Smart FABRIKA1 Solutions Enable automatic collection of production data in the field independently of the site. In this way, accurate and real-time production data is obtained. So getting the data and making decisions based on this data becomes easier than ever.

The system is an end-to-end solution, including data collection, semantic, processing, forwarding, storage, reporting, and transferring to other systems.

Data acquisition system from production

The VOLSOFT production data acquisition solution consists of IoT2-based hardware and software that manages these hardware. Our industrial data acquisition device is built on Iode technologies and is equipped with unrivalled capabilities. All units that make up the system are designed and encoded by the VOLSOFT team.

Smart Factory (Industry 4.0) = Increase productivity up to 30%

VOLSOFT Production data acquisition system monitors and analyses all machinery and equipment in your factory in real time. This ensures that your business has previously unfeasible benefits;

  • Improves the accuracy and speed of data collection from production
  • Allows you to identify the real causes of loss of productivity
  • Contributes to the effectiveness of advanced planning systems by delivering accurate and vibrant data
  • Provides long-term trend analysis to better understand the impact of changes or new strategies
  • Enhanced production space increases the visibility of each work order and workshop resources for information distribution and availability.
  • Supports improvements in production processes such as Work in Process (WIP) 3 streams, minimizes scrap and machine downtime
  • Collects process data that may be critical to your quality standards
  • Supports green and sustainable manufacturing with efficient use of resources and paperless media
  • Supports lean manufacturing and continuous development programmes to maximize production, minimize waste and reduce production costs

VOLSOFT Smart Factory Solutions provide you with the above benefits and much more.

VOLSOFT Production data Acquisition system features

Data collection Data processing Communication Operational Reporting Integration
Receiving a signal from the machine Product and Parts quantities Wireless communication Work Order Tracking Web-based reporting Sending data to ERP
Dry Contact counting Cervim Times (Cycle) Cable communication Maintenance monitoring Mobile (iOS/Android) Read data from ERP
Signal Counting with Relay Downtimes Sending instant data Shift Tracking OEE Report Open SQL Structure
Counting products with the sensor Reasons for Posture Sending periodic data Food & Break Tracking Dashboard (Cockpit) REST & ODATA API
Reading information from PLC Wastage and scrap quantities Offline operation Job termination Andon notation SAP Integration
Reading information from CNC Productivity Account HTTP Architecture Material demand TV Display ORACLE Integration
Read information from OPC Failure times REST Architecture Display a product (sketch) Productivity reports LOGO Integration
Barcode Scanner Causes of malfunction SOCKET Architecture Poka-Yoke (bug blocking) Performance reports Micro Integration
Get Data with touch screen Fault response times MQTT Architecture Process parameters Posture & Bug Reports Integration of the IFS
Product recognition Maintenance times CoAP Architecture Order Tracking Production reports Workcube Integration
Operator recognition Product & model Information Peer-to-peer architecture Inventory Tracking Breakdown reports Canias Integration
Work order recognition Machine Information Data encryption Causes of failure Response reports SAGE Integration
Quantity limit Operator Information Secure Communication Feedback Chart reports Axapta Integration
16GB Data storage Shift Information Authorization Parametric application Structure PDF, Excel & Word Dynamics Integration
And more.. And more.. And more.. And more.. And more.. And more..

I want to switch to smart factory

VOLSOFT Smart factory solutions are suitable for every scale plant. It will be enough to calculate the cost of the project to get a brief information about your mouse and production.

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