OSB Invoicing System

SIEMENS Onaylı OSB Faturalama Sistemi

Elektrik, doğal gaz, su, atık su, buhar, fiber ve aidat vb. tüm hizmetleri otomatik faturalandıran ilk ve tek sistem.
Faturlama Yazılımı

Tüm Fatura Tipleri

The system allows you to manage electricity, natural gas, water, waste water, steam, fiber and dues invoices from a single center.

Otomatik Sayaç Okuma

Otomatik Sayaç Okuma

The system automatically reads all counter types remotely and/or integrates with the OSOS system you are already using.

Abone Yönetim Sistemi

Otomatik Abone Takibi

Invoices are automatically made, transmitted as digital and paper output to subscribers, and payments are automatically tracked.

Faturalama Muhasebe Entegrasyonu

Muhasebe Entegrasyonu

The system (Logo, Micro, etc.) integrates into accounting programs and makes transfers automatically.

Success Story

With the technology giant SıEMENS, all the billing operations in Çerkezköy OSB, the most rooted organized industrial regions of our country, were automatically brought into the project. Automatic preparation of electricity, natural gas, water, waste water, steam and dues invoices was provided within the scope of the project. Payment and debt tracking, accounting, e-Invoice, Btrans, e-mail and fax sending, and detailed integrations such as the sending of pink slip, automatic working with full meaning and a system that is prevented possible errors were prepared and commissioned.

Today, the special Invoicing solution for organized industrial zones, shopping malls, technoparks and similar buildings is an inevitable necessity. To address this need, many facilities use special applications that do not meet the General accounting program or the need. However, no existing solution can fully respond to increasing needs and cannot automate the invoicing process. VOLSOFT Invoicing system is the first and only corporate invoicing, meter reading and Subscriber tracking system prepared in consultation with the experts of the subject to meet this need.

All the necessary features for invoicing processes

Hepsi Bir Arada Çözüm

The system is the first and only corporate billing solution to host all service invoices. You don't need to use different programs or apps for each billing type.


Otomatik Faturalandırma

System integrates with OSOS (AMR) systems to automatically prepare all invoices. It makes it ready for days to complete the invoice preparation process in a few minutes.


Manüel Fatura Hazırlama

The system offers the easiest possible use for organizations that do not have an OSOS system or, in some cases, prepare manual invoices. Indexes are easily processed and invoices are calculated by the system.


Otomatik Ara Fatura Hazırlama

The system automatically calculates and outputs the intermediate invoices without exhaustes. If you need to prepare an in-term invoice for some reason, you can complete the transaction in a few easy steps and forward the document to the Subscriber.

Merkezi Tarife Yönetimi

The system allows you to manage the tariff and other unit price information in a centralized structure. When you make changes to any schedule, the tariff information for all Subscribers under the relevant tariff is automatically changed.

Muhasebe Entegrasyonu

The system (Logo, Micro, etc.) integrates easily into accounting programs and transfers invoices automatically. In this way, it completes accounting in seconds.

BTRANS Entegrasyonu

Invoices created in accordance with the number 28490 should be transferred to the "Directorate of Revenues" in the appropriate format. The system has BTRANS integration, which automatically prepares the files at the end of each semester.

E-mail ve Faks Gönderimi

The system can transmit prepared invoices via e-mail and fax to subscribers. The delivery process can be done manually, and on request, certain days of the month may be made automatically by the system.

Raporlama Modülü

The system's reporting module contains all the reports you need. Provides detailed consumption data and analysis information for all types of invoices. Reports are classified using different parameters.

What our customers say about the system?

A highly successful product that we offer our customers with confidence in our projects.

Özgür Doğar

Project Manager, SIEMENS

The most successful product we have ever seen on billing and subscriber management.

Server Somunkıran

Metering Solutions Specialist, Elster

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