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IoT Solutions

End-to-end IoT solutions including gateway, sensor, embedded software, IoT platform and more

Reach Industry 4.0 with VOLSOFT IoT Solutions

VOLSOFT IoT Solutions is an end-to-end IoT solution platform that provides all the requirements for bringing your business into the digital age. It adapts high-level technologies like IoT, ML, AI and Cloud Computing to your business, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

Track & Manage Your Assets Remotely 

Failure to manage assets such as machinery and equipment correctly is one of the biggest problems of today’s businesses. VOLSOFT IoT solutions bring lasting and cost-effective solutions to this problem during unexpected periods of time.

Add business intelligence to your assets by connecting any entity anywhere in the world to the cloud. VOLSOFT offers excellent technologies to make this possible.

Sigfox, LoRa, NB-IoT, WiFi, BLE, Z-Wave, Cellular: 2G / 3G / 4G, Ethernet, MQTT, HTTPS

Remotely monitor and record all operating parameters for connected machines. Get data sets for big data analysis while accessing important data that will improve the efficiency of your machines.  
Save your workforce by remotely managing your cloud-connected assets. Change any working parameter by sending remote commands, schedule when it will change, or define incident-based actions.

Prevent Failures and Errors 

VOLSOFT IoT solutions analyze the signals generated by your assets in real time and alert you before it’s too late and intervene automatically if necessary. In this way, you prevent small problems from turning into large anomalies.

Define how your connected presence should work and have the system control it 24/7 for you. The system will automatically detect whether your assets are functioning as expected.
E-mail, notification, SMS, etc. related to problems the system detects. will allow you or others you to take precautions in real time.
Ensure that your assets are managed remotely by the system to take faster precautions. Define rules and limits, the system will send commands to the entity when necessary. 

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Have artificial intelligence that can measure the health of your assets and predict when it will malfunction.

Forget the care methods you know! VOLSOFT IoT solutions will analyze the health of your assets and inform you of the necessary care recommendations.
Respected global research companies say today’s most valuable investment is collecting the right data, and they’re right. It’s easy with VOLSOFT to have this data quickly.
Get artificial intelligence applications that know more about your connected assets as data grows, and predict critical tasks better than you.

Connect All Types of Devices to the Cloud

VOLSOFT never locks you in a hardware package. You can use the IoT card, which you can buy for $100, as a gateway, or start with the VOLSOFT IoT gateway.


It is an industrial gateway or Remote PLC specially developed for IoT applications. Used to monitor and manage machines remotely. It has 3G, Modbus, MQTT, analog/digital IO and many more industrial features. It can work in any environment.

Starting at $169.

Device Support
VOLSOFT IoT solutions support any device that can technically be connected to the intenet. To achieve this, we host agnostic data exchange services such as MQTT, HTTP, CoAPP and Socket.
Protocol Support
VOLSOFT IoT EDGE software supports all common industrial communication protocols for collecting data from field devices. Modbus enables data retrieval and commanding from PLCs, CNC machines, injection machines, industrial robots, vending machines and much more.
OS & CPU Support
VOLSOFT IoT EDGE Software is a cross platform. Linux also works on Windows and MacOS. Supports X64, X86 and ARM processor architectures.
Remote Updates
VOLSOFT IoT EDGE Software and Gateway supports remote parameter update and firmware updates. This allows you to remotely adjust how your devices should work with a single click.


Use our endpoint software that supports the following devices and more to easily connect your assets to the cloud.


Embedded software for the Raspberry PI product family, which you can buy for $35.

Check out the product.


A lot of IoT cards and embedded software for DevKits manufactured by Intel.

Check out the product.


Advanced embedded software for all Aurdino cards, an IoT legend.

Check out the product.


Embedded software for the Orange PI family that balances power and cost very well.

Check out the product.

VOLSOFT IoT Platform

VOLSOFT IoT Platform is cloud-based software that enables the orchestration of assets in the field. It offers complete features as well as all the benefits of true cloud architecture.

Ready IoT Platform

There’s no need for adventure! Reduce risks by quickly deploying projects that will last months or even years with the proven IoT platform.

Complete Features

We put all the modules you need together on the IoT platform so you don’t have to go through the rigorous processes. It expects to add value to your business with complete features.

Microservice Architecture

Forget traditional software! Achieve world-class performance with a microservice architecture that can manage millions of devices in real time.

Lower costs

Reduce costs with a platform that can be activated with your logo in a few hours, has no purchase costs and is paid for as you use it.

Use Cases & Industries

VOLSOFT IoT Solutions offers revolutionary digital technologies that will completely change the way you do business. No matter which industry you are in, you can reach a solution that will enable you to get more efficiency from your business.

Machinery Manufacturers

Adapt your machines to Industry 4.0. Offer your machines as a service to the market by adding remote monitoring, managing, and malfunction prevention capabilities.


Switch to intelligent manufacturing with connected machines. Easily deploy Industry 4.0 techniques such as OEE boost and predictive maintenance.

Energy Sector

Balance the increasing complexity of energy distribution networks by building smart grids. Reduce operational costs with real-time monitoring and management.

Smart Logistics

With its increasing demand, the logistics and transportation sector is one of the sectors that can get the highest efficiency from IoT applications in the shortest time.

Smart Cities

Smart city solutions for real-time monitoring of energy distribution, water consumption, gas emissions, traffic load and other city life values.

Smart Agriculture

Bring IoT improvements to crop health and productivity, machine performance, storage conditions, energy consumption and animal behavior.

Health Sector

Dramatically improve your service quality and efficiency, deliver enhanced solutions with IoT for the elderly, chronicpatients and patients requiring ongoing supervision.

Consumer Electronics

Make your competitors jealous with intelligent IoT solutions for microchips, smart TVs, smart home appliances, HVAC systems, wearables, air conditioning systems and more.

Why VOLSOFT IoT Solutions

VOLSOFT consists of a team with 15+ years of experience in connecting, monitoring and managing objects to the Internet. All technologies come together to adapt to the new digital age.

Turnkey IoT Projects

You can purchase turnkey IoT projects including sensors, data collection devices, embedded software, cloud platform, and project engineering.

Vertical Ready Solutions

We know how hasty you were when you decided. We’ve built everything from field devices to cloud platforms before you get here.

Expert Team & Full Support

VOLSOFT IoT solutions are turnkey, including data collection devices, cloud platform and project engineering. So with one interlocutor, your idea becomes a reality.
TUSIAD Award-Winning Team

VOLSOFT has been selected from among hundreds of companies in the digital transformation acceleration program organized by TUSIAD and awarded the efficiency project of the year award.

IoT Platform

Pay as you use it without buying

VOLSOFT IoT Platform is an all-in-one PaaS that works in the cloud. It is completely unique to your company with your logo.

*For every device connected to the platform


IoT Gateway + PLC

Ready to connect objects to the cloud

Ready-made industrial IoT Gateway, which connects your assets to a cloud platform, adds business intelligence to them and enables remote management.

*One gateway connects dozens of devices


Project Commissioning

Don’t take risks, let us commission your project

VOLSOFT prepares, develops and delivers your IoT project. Engineering, consulting, special development and commissioning are from us.

*This service is free of charge for projects of 300 devices or more. 

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