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Is digital transformation difficult? If that’s what you think, it’s time you met us. VolSOFT is your digital transformation partner that offers end-to-end turnkey IoT solutions from field devices to IoT platform, consulting to project management.

VOLSOFT Digital Transformation Technologies

Moves Your Business to Industry 4.0

VOLSOFT IoT solutions are end-to-end IoT solution technologies that provide all the requirements for you to take your business into the digital age. It adapts high-level technologies like IoT, ML, AI and Cloud Computing to your business, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

IoT Bağla

Eksiksiz IoT bağlantısı

It doesn’t matter if it’s new or old, easily connect objects to the cloud with our technology that can collect data from any machine in the field, allow remote management and work in any environment.
Nesnelerin  interneti ile analiz et

Zengin analiz araçları

Capture problems in real time with artificial eye and artificial operator technologies that use streaming data. Create great visual applications with user-defined graphics and cockpits.
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İleri seviye analitik

Get prerequistors with integrated AI without turning small anomalies into big problems, switch to periodic requirement-oriented maintenance and avoid unexpected failures greatly.

Our Leading Sectoral IoT Solutions

Our Purpose-Oriented Vertical IoT Applications

No matter what industry you are from, we can deliver digital transformation-oriented improvements in your business processes.

Makine Üreticileri için IoT

Makine Üreticileri

Adapt your on-site machines to Industry 4.0. Deliver it to the market as a service by adding remote monitoring, managing, and fault blocking to your machines.
Fabrikalar için IoT

Fabrikalar & Endüstri 4.0

Switch to smart manufacturing with connected machines. Commission smart Industry 4.0 techniques such as unmanned production tracking, OEE measurement, digital poka-yoke, predictive maintenance.
Enerji Sektörü için IoT

Enerji Sektörü

Balance the increasing complexity of energy distribution networks by building smart networks. Reduce operational costs with real-time monitoring and management. With
Lojistik için IoT

Akıllı Lojistik

its increasing demand, the logistics and transportation sector is one of the sectors that can get the highest efficiency from IoT applications as soon as possible.
Akıllı Şehir için IoT

Akıllı Şehirler

Smart city solutions that enable real-time monitoring of energy distribution, consumption, gas emissions, traffic load and other city life values.
Akıllı Tarım için IoT

Akıllı Tarım

Bring improvements to crop health and efficiency, machine performance, storage conditions, energy consumption and animal behavior with IoT.
Sağlık Sektörü için IoT

Sağlık Sektörü

Dramatically improve your service quality and efficiency, deliver enhanced solutions with IoT for the elderly, chronicpatients and patients requiring ongoing supervision.
Tüketici Elektroniği için IoT

Tüketici Elektroniği

Use microchips, smart TVs, smart home appliances, HVAC systems, wearables, air conditioning systems and more.

All-in-One IoT Solutions

Ensure Success

7 out of 10 customers around the world who want to launch an industrial IoT project want a turnkey solution from device to platform to mitigate risks. VOLSOFT IoT technologies have been developed in this principle and are a built-in end-to-end plug-in.


VOLSOFT IoT Gateway is the easiest way to connect, collect, and manage any machine in the field to the cloud. Analog/digital IO offers complete features such as RS485 port, LoRa, GPS, LTE, WI-FI, as well as industrial-scale use.

IoT Gateway


The Maestro IoT Platform is the easiest way to process, store, and make sense of data from connected machines. With its complete structure, IoT can be customized according to your brand as well as ensuring the success of your project.

IoT Platform

Proven & award-winning technologies

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VOLSOFT provided ioT-focused large data service and developed an AMR system in the projects we work with, and quickly resolved third-party integrations. Thank you to the VOLSOFT team for their strong solutions and valuable contributions.

Full Responsable Project Manager, Siemens

Connection, data collection, remote monitoring & managing

IoT Bağlantısı
Add business intelligence to your assets by connecting any entity anywhere in the world to the cloud. VOLSOFT offers complete technologies to do this.

Remotely monitor and record all operating parameters for Sigfox, LoRa, NB-IoT, WiF

Uzaktan İzleme
i, BLE, Z-Wave, Cellular: 2G/ 3G/ 4G, Ethernet, MQTT, HTTPSConnected machines in meaningful graphics. Get data sets for big data analysis while accessing important data that will improve the efficiency of your machines.
Uzaktan Yönetme
Save your workforce by remotely managing your cloud-connected assets. Change any working parameter by sending remote commands, schedule when it will change, or define incident-based actions.

What is IoT?

Automatic problem detection, rule engine, alarms & recommendations

Yapay Gözcü Teknolojisi
Define artificial spotters on flowing data using the rule engine, which allows you to create rules with unlimited complexity with a flow-oriented limit. Capture problems in real time by designing autonomous structures that monitor your as
Yapay Operatör Teknolojisi
sets 24/7. Use artificial operators to address problems detected by artificial observers. Artificial operators are structures that change operating parameters by sending remote commands to your assets.
Alarmlar & Bildirimler
E-mail, notification, SMS, etc. related to problems the system detects. will allow you or others you to take precautions in real time.

AI-powered breakdown prediction & early warning

Anomali Tespiti
Learn from the data that your assets produce and analyze this data in real time to have machine learning that detects anomalies. Access AI-powered predict
Kestirimci Bakım
ive maintenance that prevents unexpected failures that predict and reduce maintenance costs by analyzing the data they generate to the maintenance requirements of your assets. Th
Büyük Veri Analitiği
e data generated by connected devices is stored in a custom database to create large sets of data. The ThingsOn IoT Platform offers integrated tools to run analytics on this data.

The Right IoT Solutions for Your Business

Your Digital Transformation Partner

In real terms the enterprise IoT requires deep expertise, advanced technology and well-designed platform architectures. As a team, we develop advanced technologies to accompany you on your digital transformation journey and ensure you have the best solution.

IoT Çözümleri

Turnkey IoT Projects

The main requirements for IoT projects are communication device, cloud platform and field engineering. We offer these three basic requirements together.
Dikey IoT Çözümleri

Proven Vertical Solutions

The R&D process has been completed and our vertical solutions used by leading companies in the sector significantly reduce the duration of your project.

Uzman Ekip & Tam Destek

Transparent Pricing & Fast ROI

Subscription coststarting at $5 per connected device, unrivalled offers in terms of benefit cost, and the ROI cycle that functions faster than you’d expect.
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What is IoT (Internet of Things)?