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What is IoT

Internet of Things 

Internet of Things (IoT) is an informatics concept that describes the idea that physical objects are connected to the Internet and can talk between them. The "Object" here can be a machine, a vehicle, a device, a robot, a plant or a human. Using edge units such as IoT, sensor technologies, microprocessors, wireless communication, cloud computing, it makes it possible to retrieve information, visualize, and make decisions from these objects.

IoT Nedir?

Vertical Iot Solutions

Turnkey Iot Projects

Sensors, gateways, cloud-based platforms, web and mobile apps-they're all here!

From innovation, we focus on the design, implementation and distribution of end-to-end solutions for IoT.

We offer all the necessary components and functionality, including sensors, actuators, gateways, data analytics, remote management, security, client Web and mobile applications.

Akıllı İmalat Çözümleri

Digitalization of production phases, parameter tracking & fault estimation.

Akıllı Lojistik Çözümleri

Digitalization of distribution, storage and delivery processes.

Akıllı Enerji Çözümleri

Remote meter Reading, consumption monitoring, energy quality detection and smart grids.

Akıllı Şehir Çözümleri

Ambient monitoring, remote control, forecamping & energy analysis.

Akıllı Tarım Çözümleri

For more efficient farming, ambient monitoring, remote Control & warning systems.

ML, AI & Büyük Veri Analitiği

Cyber physical solutions with machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data analytics.

Iot Services

Our deep ıot knowledge reduces risks

IoT Teknoloji Danışmanlığı

Get support for IoT architecture, components, technologies and application processes.

Bulut Bilişim (Azure, Watson, GCP)

Consult us on cloud platforms such as Azure, Watson, GCP, and IoT architectures. Get

Özel Proje Geliştirme

custom development services from sensors, microprocessors, software, and cloud platforms.


End-to-end IoT expertise

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