Transition to unmanned production tracking

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, production tracking has been a major problem for factories and plants. Whatever product you produce, production cannot be counted correctly, so you can face big problems. On the other hand, the resource spent to accurately follow this process is able to reach serious levels and negatively influence the profitability of companies.

Bringing a revolutionary resolve to these problems in the industry, VOLSOFT unmanned production tracking system enables instant, accurate and transparent production monitoring by disabling the human factor at each stage of production.

Success Story

With 800 employees and more than 350 machines, the VOLSOFT Industry 4.0 solutions have made BROSSOCKS a 28% increase in efficiency in as little as four months. The system has brought back the investment cost in a very short time and significantly increased the profitability of the business.

Let's go through the VOLSOFT unmanned production tracking system to see what achievements you'll get.

Live production tracking

Cost-free and accurate production tracking

  • Disabling the human factor in production tracking significantly reduces your costs.
  • A business line in your business is completely eliminated and you'll use your resources more efficiently.
  • All the hardware you use for this job becomes unnecessary.
  • Human-induced delays and errors are eliminated.
  • Your employees are interested in their actual tasks and you will get more efficiency.
  • You make sure the quantities produced and you plan correctly.
  • You will see the production data momentarily and take precautions against potential insensitivity.

Automatic order Tracking

  • Especially in order-oriented facilities, the duration of the term becomes more consistent than ever before.
  • Your employees who are responsible for planning create much more successful scheduling schedules.
  • Manufactured products are instantly transmitted to your ERP system and data entry is eliminated.
  • A sufficient number of products are produced without producing excess or incomplete production.
  • As production quantities are acquired instantaneously, you will see and take precautions before your inventory status is delayed.
  • Because everything is automatically tracked, transparency is ensured between the sections.

Automatic efficiency measurement & malfunction/Posture Monitoring

  • The system accurately measures the output time of each product and calculates efficiency by comparing it to the intended duration.
  • You'll see efficiencies on the basis of personnel, machinery, products, shifts and dates.
  • When there is a posture on the machines, the system automatically detects it and records it as a reason-time.
  • Employees ' lost time and downtime are constantly monitored and reported.
  • The faults in the machines are monitored and reported in detail.
  • You get the right decisions about the machine and the staff that are routinely inefficient.
  • You measure the performance of technical personnel who are interfering with the malfunction.

Automatic Maintenance monitoring

  • The operating metrics of each machine and equipment are recorded by the system.
  • You will be automatically alerted when the machines are in maintenance time.
  • You'll see machines that need to be in maintenance but delayed.
  • You measure the performance of personnel employed for maintenance.


VOLSOFT unmanned production tracking system offers the most accurate solution for plants that want to stay competitive and provide maximum added value with minimum investment. It is the key to switching to the digital factory with unrivalled capabilities and Return on Investment (ROI) duration.

Live production tracking