VOLSOFT Industry 4.0 Solutions

Meet solutions that make Industry 4.0 easier. Focus on improving your business, not technical challenges! VOLSOFT offers a combination of high-tech and proven solutions to make smart factory possible.

VOLSOFT IoT Solutions

End-to-end IoT solutions including IoT devices, IoT platform, vertical applications, project engineering and consulting for businesses looking to catch digital transformation.

Our Products & Solutions

Here are our high value-added products and solutions that may interest you, choose one and start!

VOLSOFT Industry 4.0 Solutions

Turnkey Industry 4.0 solutions for a smart and highly efficient factory.

VOLSOFT IoT Solutions

End-to-end IoT solutions including devices and cloud platform for digital transformation.

Aviation (DCS & FIDS)

High-efficiency solutions that combine DCS, FIDS and more for airports and airline companies.

VOLSOFT Industry 4.0 Suites

Ready-made and turnkey Industry 4.0 accelerators that make your existing manufacturing processes smarter and more efficient.

OEE Suite – Production Efficiency Analysis

See and improve production efficiency

Welding Suite Gas and Spot Welding Monitoring

Block errors, increase efficiency, and reduce consumption

Energy Suite – Energy Consumption Analysis

Reduce energy bill + extend equipment life

AI / ML Suite – Predictive Maintenance

Prevent unexpected breakdowns and reduce costs

Digital Twin Suite – Poka-Yoke & Error Prevention

Perform faultless and high quality production

PEE SuiteExtrusion & Injection Monitoring 

Prevent production errors and increase production efficiency

Our Professional Services

13+ years industry experience, expert team, awards and dozens of references. VOLSOFT is your best digital transformation partner with services that will take your business to the new era.

Technology Consulting

Learn how to use modern technologies to fulfill your goals or solve your business problems.

Don’t waste time wondering how the best is done, get the right support and start doing it.

IoT & Industry 4.0 Consulting

VOLSOFT has a high experience in transforming ideas and business needs into digital solutions.

Get the best solution by working with a team with the capacity to produce software development tools for developers.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Endpoint devices, communication technologies & cloud platforms

AI, ML & Analytics

AI, machine learning and deep learning applications

Prototype, Firmware & SoC

Device strength, embedded software and SoC technologies

IoT Platforms

ThingWorx, Cumulocity, ThingsOn, IBM Watson, Azure

Software Development

C++, C, Elixir, Dotnet, Nodejs, Java, Rust, R & GO

Communication Technologies

LoRA, Sigfox, NB-LTE, Zigbee, OPC, MQTT, CoAP

A talented and expert team that we are extremely pleased to work with.


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