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Industry 4.0 & Smart Factory Solutions

With our proven Industry 4.0 solutions, Step into the Industrial revolution.

IoT - Internet of Things

Bring your business to the future with VOLSOFT IoT solutions

Airport Management System

End-to-end airport management system with DCS, FIDS, HANDLING, ERP and HR modules.

ERP Framework

ERP infrastructure ready to develop business software.

Our Products & Solutions

Products and solutions that developed with high engineering add value to your business.

Smart Manufacturing & Industry 4

Data acquisition for more value-added production, production tracking, predictive maintenance and more.

Aviation (DCS & Barrels)

A software system that combines DCS, FIDS and more for small and medium-sized airports.

IoT Platform

IoT Platfom (Internet of Things) that enables remote monitoring and management of all types of devices

Document Management System

The EDMS, which combines all the features needed for your transition to the paperless office.

Smart Energy Monitoring

A new generation of energy monitoring platform that enables remote meter reading, monitoring and management.

Full Stack C# ERP Framework

Full stack ERP framework that enables you to develop business software 10 times faster than normal.

Our Professional Services

13 + years of work experience, expert team, awards and dozens of giant testimonial. Work with us to reach the future engineering service today.

Consulting & Training

Learn how to use modern technologies to fulfill your goals or solve your business problems.

Don’t waste time wondering how the best is done, get the right support from VOLSOFT team and start doing it.

Starting at $80/hour.

Software Engineering

VOLSOFT has 13 + years of experience in transforming ideas, inspiration and business needs into software solutions.

Get the best solution for your business by working with a high professional team.dfgfdfgdgd

Starting at $120/hour.

C++, C, elixir, dotnet, nodejs, java, rust, r




BigData, OPTIMIZATION, (sql, nosql, time series)


Our blog and our writings

What is MQTT?

MQTT protocol MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) is a lightweight communication protocol that facilitates deploying telemetry information to network clients with restricted resources. The protocol, which uses the broadcast/subscriber communication model, plays...

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Collecting data from production

What is data collection from production? The software systems you use, including Enterprise resource Planning (ERP) and production execution Systems (MES), are based on production data collected from the production area to carry out your business. In most cases, this...

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What is Industry 4.0?

Everybody talks about industry 4.0 nowadays. In this article, we will examine what industry 4.0 really is and what causes it to emerge. What is Industry 4.0? Industry 4.0 is the fourth Industrial Revolution. Let's stop here! You can ask, "Why didn't we...

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Unmanned production tracking

Transition to unmanned production tracking Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, production tracking has been a major problem for factories and plants. Whatever product you produce, production cannot be counted correctly, so you can face big problems. On...

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Automatic Production Tracking System

What is the automatic production tracking system? The automated production tracking system is a systems that enables all production data to be obtained without human intervention in production facilities. Automated production tracking system digitize data acquisition...

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Production Tracking System

What is a production tracking system? Production principals need to collect, analyse and ultimately make decisions in the light of this data in order to increase the efficiency of the plant. However, it is not possible to get instant access to the right production...

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