Industry 4.0 Solutions

Meet solutions that make Industry 4.0 easier. Focus on improving your business, not technical challenges! VOLSOFT offers a combination of high-tech and proven solutions to make smart factory possible.

Industry 4.0 solutions that solve production problems

VOLSOFT Industry 4.0 solution accelerators are purpose-built and ready to use smart factory systems. These accelerators makes it possible to reach the most appropriate smart factory solutions without wasting your budget and time.

OEE - Toplam Ekipman Etkinliği Sistemi

OEE Suite - Manufacturing Efficiency Monitoring

OEE Suite is an OEE (Total Equipment Activity) system that lets you monitor how efficiently your production works and detect problems, along with quality, performance and availability details.

✅ Make more efficient and scrap-free production

Energy Suite - Enerji Tüketim Analizi

Energy Suite - Energy Consumption Analysis

Energy Suite is a system that analyzes the total energy consumed at the plant in machine and equipment breakdown, preventing unnecessary consumption and extending equipment life by measuring energy quality.

✅ Reduce your energy bill & extend the life of equipment

Digital Twin Suite - Poka-Yoke & Hata Önleme

Digital Twin Suite - Poka-Yoke & Error Prevention

Digital Twin Suite is a system that creates digital copies of production units such as machinery, line and station, providing error-cancelling, parameter tracking, and error-failure such as Poka-Yoke.

Perform faultless, efficient and high-quality production

Welding Suite - Gazaltı ve Punta Kaynak İzleme

Welding Suite - Gas and Spot Welding Monitoring

productionWelding Suite is a system that enables measuring efficiency, parameter tracking, KPI optimization, invisible errors and operator errors in sub-gas and point welding machines.

Block errors, increase efficiency and reduce consumption

Kestirimci Bakım Sistemi

AI / ML Suite - Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance Suite is a system that learns the normal operating parameters of equipment using machine learning and artificial intelligence and detects potential health problems in advance.

Avoid unexpected breakdowns & reduce costs

Plastik Ekstrüzyon & Enjeksiyon İzleme

PEE Suite - Plastic Extrusion & Injection Monitoring

PEE Suite is a system that provides real-time monitoring of production parameters in plastic extrusion and injection machines and laser measurement and compliance control.

Block production errors and increase production efficiency

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Easiest Industry 4.0

Next-generation Industry 4.0 technologies for next-generation solutions

VOLSOFT Industry 4.0 Solutions is built with a combination of the next generation award-winning application enablement platform ThingsOn and advanced domain expertise.

Our turnkey Industry 4.0 accelerators, which yield results in record times, make turning into a smart factory consisting of high-efficiency manufacturing processes more easily and cost-free than ever before.

Endüstri 4.0 Yazılımı
Bağlı Fabrika - Endüstri 4.0

Connected Factory

Connect your machines with our devices that can collect data from any type of machine and our software technology supported by 120+ communication protocols.

Poka-Yoke Sistemi - Endüstri 4.0

Prevent Lost & Scraps

Perform faultless and lossless production with our Digital Twin system, which monitors your production processes in real time and prevents inaccurate production.

OEE Sistemi - Endüstri 4.0

Increase Total Efficiency

Unleash the true potential of the facility with our equipment effectiveness system that lets you see in detail what’s not going right in production.

Kestirimci Bakım Sistemi - Endüstri 4.0

Predict Equipment Failures

Reach artificial intelligence that learns the normal working values of your machines and equipment and alerts you early when anomalies begin to occur.

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