Digital Signage Software

Digital signage software developed for free, uninterrupted and low-cost digital publishing.

Digital boardcasting is easy with TELESS

Stream digital effortlessly on any media and device with TELESS digital signage software running in the cloud.

Satışlarınızı Artırın

Increase sales and promote your brand with displays that highlight your products in any environment.

Müşterilerinizi Memnun Edin

Connect with your customers and show them information that's important to them, including prices and reviews.

What is TELESS

TELESS digital signage software is a cloud-based digital broadcasting system that allows you to broadcast to any screen anywhere. The broadcast ingredient combines broadcast software and cloud management panels.

Kolay İçerik Yönetimi

TELESS lets you effortlessly prepare the richest content.

Haber Yönetimi

Allows you to publish news and notifications effortlessly.

Zamanlanmış İçerikler

It lets you schedule which content appears and when.

4K Görüntü Kalitesi

The content you create is shown in high quality on TV screens.

Zengin Medya Desteği

TELESS supports common video, images, audio, and vector formats.

Kurumsal Yayın Yönetimi

The branch allows you to design a display specific to the dealer and the institution.

Telifsiz Radyo Yayını

TELESS allows you to broadcast music without royalties with integrated radio broadcasting.

Az İnternet Kullanımı

TELESS can work offline and uses little internet by compressing content.

Reklam Yönetimi

With TELESS, you can easily create ads and show them on any screen.

Sosyal Medya Entegrasyonu

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Foursquare are integrated.

Bulut Tabanlı

TELESS is a 100% cloud-based digital signage system.

Kesintisiz Akış

TELESS plays videos and animations with hardware acceleration.

TELESS works on any device

Unlike other solutions, TELESS never locks you in an expensive hardware package. You can use it for free on an IoT card, Chromebit, or Android TV, which you can buy for $300.


TELESS BOX is a digital broadcastingredient that supports all types of displays and is provided free of charge with TELESS software.


TELESS supports ARM IoT devices that you can buy for around $300.


TELESS digital signage software chromebit, Chromcast and Chromebot etc. devices.  


TELESS digital signage software supports all Intel NUC devices.


TELESS digital signage software supports smart TVs. If you have a smart TV, you can start broadcasting digitally without the need for an external device. 

İşletim Sistemleri (OS's)

TELESS supports Windows, Linux macOS, Android and Chrome OS operating systems.

Note: Chrome OS and Android versions are IN BETA.

Minimum Sistem Gereksinimleri

TELESS supports many OS and CPU architectures and optimally utilizes the hardware resources it works on. But here's what you need to know:

  • Video deconding may run slower than expected on some devices. This is about the resolution of the uploaded video and the processing power of the hardware you use.
  • A minimum internet connection of 2 mbps is required for a seamless streaming.


Choose your License Model and get started!

Turnkey including free digital signage device, client software and cloud software.

TELESS Digital Signage Abonelik

Everything you need to get started quickly.  Free TELESS digital signage device + device software + cloud management panel.



Buy TELESS as a business, buy or rent it to your own customers. Let us provide infrastructure management, development and technical support.


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