Departure Control System

DCS.NET (Departure Control System) enables the efficient operation of check-in, boarding and all transactions for airlines and airports. It allows you to manage the check-in process, collect passenger information, select a seat, create and edit the IATA standard boarding passes and baggage tags, and create a notification after check-in.


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Key Features

DCS.NET is designed to make your business as easy and accurate as possible.

Easy, Fast & Automatic Check-In management

The easiest and fastest way to Check-in. Automatic seat selection, baggage acceptance, group check-in and much more.

Boarding Pass, Baggage Tag Management

Create and print automatic boarding pass and baggage tag. DCS.NET supports all types of printers, readers and other devices, 

Baggage management and excess calculation

Quickly process baggage with the weight allowed by the airline. The system will automatically calculate fee goes over the limit.

Boarding with Barcode & Mobile App

At Check-in, read the barcode printed on the boarding pass at the door with the mobile application or barcode reader and make automatic boarding.

Self Check-In, Web, Mobile App & KIOSK

DCS.NET has online applications for the passenger to perform their own check-in. This greatly reduces your workload.

Integrated FIDS and Boarding display

DCS.NET automatically updates VDS and boarding screens using variations in check-in and boarding operations.

Automatic PW, PM, PSM, PTW, ETL and BL output

DCS.NET automatically prepares all the lists and reports you need using check-in, boarding, and subsequent registrations.

PNL & ADL integration & automated processes

DCS.NET performs automated operations using PNL and ADL messages from other systems or transfers automatic information to other systems.

Accounting software integration

DCS.NET automatically transfers the transactions and results to the accounting or ERP system you use and completes the process.

DCS.NET in action

100% Customer Satisfaction

Different scale airports and airline companies have increased revenues by reducing workload by using DCS.NET departure control system.

Fast ROI Rate

DCS.NET’s unrivalled price/benefit and lower operating costs reduce your costs, while ensuring greater efficiency than your business.

Processing millions of passengers every year

DCS.NET is making millions of passenger operations fast and safe every year at various sized airports.

You say “I wish I’d used it earlier” when you started using DCS.NET. With its great features, our workload have greatly reduced. I would like to thank the VOLSOFT team for producing such a successful system. “

Bora Işıner

General Manager, Mogadishu Int. Airport

“I’ve used a lot of departure control systems throughout my career, but I haven’t see a system as effortless and powerful as DCS.NET.


IT Manager, Aden Abdulle Int. Airport


Developed for easy use with modern architecture.

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