Otomatik Sayaç Okuma Sistemi (OSOS)

Her tür sayaç ve haberleşme protokolünü destekleyen uzaktan otomatik sayaç okuma sistemi.

IoT-based automatic meter reading

We make smart grids smarter with the IoT based remote meter reading system.

Her Yerde Çalışır

It easily communicates with fiber, copper cable, WiFi, ZigBee, LoRa, or GSM connection topples according to the field structure. In this way, the infrastructure investment cost is significantly reduced and the most cost effective solution is ensured.

Her Tür Sayacı Okur

The system can read information from any type of brand and model independent of the smart counter that uses standard protocols. Electricity using non-standard protocols, gas, water, flowmeter, analyzer, etc. Can be easily integrated in accordance with the information from the manufacturer for the counters.

Güçlü Veri Yapısı

The system provides a powerful infrastructure for storing read data. All globally recognised database systems, such as SQL Server, Oracle and MySql, are supported. This significantly reduces license costs.

  • Electricity, natural gas and water distribution companies,
  • OSB – Organized industrial zones,
  • CSR – Small industrial sites,
  • Shopping malls,
  • Business centres,
  • Free zones,
  • Technology development Zones
  • Automatic reading of data remotely
  • Transferring data to the central database system
  • Verifying data, completing incomplete data
  • Prevention of network leaks,
  • Improving corporate expenditment,
  • To prevent human errors,
  • Obtaining consumption rates,
  • Determining how much consumption you have made during the time period of the day (demand curve),
  • Early detection

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