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What is the automatic production tracking system?

The automated production tracking system is a systems that enables all production data to be obtained without human intervention in production facilities. Automated production tracking system digitize data acquisition processes and enterprises 4. is considered the first step for the transition to the industrial revolution.

What's the problem?

Regardless of the scale and sector, every production plant needs planning, supply, production, stocking and shipping. Businesses use ERP, MRP or Excel-like applications to track and manage this process. However, the point in which these applications are missing is to obtain the production data in a complete and timely manner. 95% of enterprises try to run these processes based on human beings and generally cannot succeed. Even if it succeeds, the resource it spends on these processes reaches a serious amount.

What is the solution?

The solution is the digitalization of data collection processes. In this way, production data 100% accurate, instant and human power can be obtained without the need.

How do we offer a solution?

As VOLSOFT, we produce solutions for the Iot and Industry 4.0. By integrating our special Iot circuit boards into the measurement points, we send the machine's contact, signal or sensor information to the server at specified intervals (usually 1 per minute) by processing the card. We have a service application on the server side. This application processes the signals from the IoT cards and saves them to the database. In this way, the production information of each machine in the plant is recorded 24×7 in the central database. We also have desktop, web and mobile applications that report this data collected. In short, the property can be watched live at any time and from anywhere.


Fully automated, without dependence on human beings and error-free;

  • 100% accurate production data
  • Instant and timely data access
  • Determining the downtime of machines
  • Determining the causes of machines failure
  • Measuring personnel efficiency
  • Measuring overall efficiency
  • Automatic monitoring of periodic maintenance
  • Recovery of expenses spent on manual data collection
  • Automatic data transfer to ERP, MRP, CRM, Excel and accounting programs
Canlı Üretim Takibi

What is needed for pricing?

Although pricing for the system depends on many variables, the following information is sufficient to calculate the overall cost.

  • What does your factory produce and how many machines are there?
  • What metrics do you want to measure?
  • Will the Product Qty/quantities be counted?
  • Will the machine's downtimes be measured?
  • Will personnel efficiency be measured?
  • Will the causes of error and posture be measured?
  • Do your machines signal each cycle?
  • Do you want to engetration your ERP system?
  • Is there a wired or wireless network connection in the production area?

How long does the installation take?

This time varies according to the number of machines and the condition of the plant. It is known that a 20-machine facility lasted 1-3 weeks.

What is the return on investment (amorti) period?

Although the property varies according to the situation, it is calculated that the system will reclaim the investment cost and continue profitability in a period of 5-6 months.

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